Deploy machine learning models with confidence

Models perform well when your production data looks like data they were trained on. But evolving user behavior, bugs, and the messy long tail of the real world mean this is rarely true for long. Flywheel lets you peer under the hood and understand how well your model is performing in production. We help you turn ML projects into ML products.

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Founding team

Josh Tobin

Co-Founder & CEO.
Former OpenAI researcher, UC Berkeley AI PhD, McKinsey consultant. Co-creator of

Vicki Cheung

Co-Founder & CTO.
Former lead of the Compute team at Lyft, founding engineer & head of infrastructure at OpenAI, and founding engineer at Duolingo.

Uma Roy

Founding Engineer.
Former Google Brain researcher. MIT Mathematics & CS.

Alexandra Johnson

Founding Product Manager.
Former AI product manager at Citrine Informatics and tech lead at SigOpt.

Greg Meyer

Founding Engineer.
Former senior software engineer at Datadog.

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